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During my life journey, started back in ’87, I got more and more into tech and the digital world. At the beginning of my career I worked in education and sales with all kind of upcoming tools for CRM and coworking. In my mid twenties, I co-created an online social career matching platform.  As a bridge to this company, I helped an innovation community bringing offline and online processes together. All kind of tools, and all kind of people involved. Which made it interesting, but also hard. Not to mention the challenges with the legal, business and marketing side of things.

Anyway, after 4 years of start-up life trying to create a scalable platform with tech I got screwed over. By people, because of people and the inability to get tech (people) scale. This painful period made me refocus my journey. A journey in which I could be more in control, make things happen and enjoy the wave of technology. 

I started to get hands on with tech by training, trial and error. This was back in 2017. Time flies, but things are working out well. And now I am at the point I feel like sharing my story, share my findings and to pay it forward to those aspiring the same kind of a journey. 

In this blog I will share things that I feel are interesting and/or helpful. At this point, I have no idea what the topics are going to be. The posts will always be related to digital tech for sure. And after a bundle of posts, I might get the red thread and iterate on the way to go forward. 


Questions, tips and comments are welcome!